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Psychotherapy services for you in and with your home–because your home mirrors your life.  

If you struggle with stress, depression, grief, issues with food, money, and intimacy, your home mirrors this!  Let go of the notion that professional psychotherapy only happens in an office.  To really get to the heart of the matter, we need to start at the very foundation–your home.

EVERYTHING that happens with regards to our homes–how we decorate them, how we use (and don’t use them), how we share them, our relationship to them, how we change them (or don’t change them) over time, and even our history of past homes–ALL relate to how we live in the world.  If it’s happening in your home, it’s happening in your life.

I’ve worked with people whose “unfinished business” and unprocessed grief has shown up throughout their house as clutter.   There have been couples whose unhealthy power dynamics were evident in the way that one member of the couple overtook the house and didn’t leave any space for the other member to call his/her own.  There have been adults who have had such a hard time moving forward with changes in life that they have left their home as a “shrine” to the life they lived many years earlier.  I’ve seen depression and low self esteem manifest as an inability to set up or decorate a space.  All the time, no matter where or how we get stuck in life, our home mirrors it.  To read some real life stories about what this work looks like, visit the Stories page and see for yourself!  For a look into how I’ve worked with these principles in my own life, visit the Get to Know Me page!

I am thrilled to offer Heart Your Home Love Your Life, the product of many years of exploring the connection between our homes and our lives.   It is one of the few professional psychotherapy practices in the country that helps people understand how their homes mirror their lives.  When we understand how our issues show up in our homes, we can then work with the home to change them and thus, change our lives.

If you are tired of getting stuck in the same places, if you know there’s more to life, if you want to finally become free and happy, try this new approach to Psychotherapy.  You will never look at your home or your life in the same way again.

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“We all to some degree, display in the physical environment, messages from the unconscious about who we are, who we were, and who we might become…The house is indeed a mirror of the self if we can learn to interpret what we see, comprehend what it means, and act on what it seeks to communicate.”

Clare Cooper Marcus, Architect and Author of House as Mirror of Self