It’s Time To Heart Your Home and Love Your Life!


It’s time to Heart Your Home and Love Your Life!  

Psychotherapy services for you IN and WITH your home–because your home mirrors your life.

If you struggle with stress, depression, grief, issues with food, money, and intimacy, your home mirrors this!  Let go of the notion that professional psychotherapy only happens in an office.  To really get to the heart of the matter, we need to start at the very foundation–your home.  EVERYTHING that happens with regards to our homes–how we decorate them, how we use (and don’t use them), how we share them, our relationship to them, how we change them (or don’t change them) over time, and even our history of past homes–ALL relate to how we live in the world.  If it’s happening in your home, it’s happening in your life.  If it’s happening in your life, it’s happening in your home.

I am thrilled to swing open the doors to my business, Heart Your Home Love Your Life!  It is one of the few professional psychotherapy practices in the country that works with people in their homes to help them understand how their homes mirror their lives.  When we understand how our challenges show up in our homes, we can work with the home to change them and thus, change our lives.

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