Need a Home Hug?

Do you want an enormous hug from your home? Need some extra support in life?  (Don’t we all??!!)

I am just wrapping up a SUPER busy and intense period of work.  Between running a large school-based counseling program at a Boston non-profit agency to teaching a post Master’s level counseling course to TAKING a graduate counseling course, in addition to launching my Heart Your Home business, I have been BUSY!

As I write this, I am sitting outside on my deck, looking out at our growing garden and the peach trees getting heavy with fruit, listening to the birds singing their morning songs.  I look up at my house and feel a big ‘ol sense of gratitude for it.  Through all of the long work days and hectic pace of the last few months, my house has been my rock and the place where I rejuvenated and came back to myself.  There were many days over these months where I would come home exhausted only to find that within minutes of being home, laying on my plush wool rug, walking through my garden, or kicking back in my favorite chair on the porch, that I would feel myself returning to myself and my breath getting a little deeper. (This picture is one early morning’s strawberry harvest from our garden along with yellow wildflowers from our yard).
We all go through these busy periods—whether it’s due to work, parenting, caring for others, or simply just life taking over.  If we can count on our home to be there for us as a source of support and inspiration, it’s money in our self-care bank, it’s a built in personal caregiver, it’s an enormous size hug that keeps on hugging.  What does it look like when your home is a support?  When you walk into it you feel more relaxed, you feel proud of it, you wanna show it off, you love it, it reflects you, it reflects the other people who live in it.  When it’s not a source of support?  It overwhelms you, you can’t keep up with it, it’s messy, cluttered, and you’re embarrassed to show it (or parts of it) to other people. As busy as life gets these days, we NEED our homes to be a source of support for us.  Without it, it can be hard to relax and difficult to connect with ourselves, making us prone to chronic stress and depression (sound familiar, anyone?)  If you need help turning your home into a source of support, check out the Services page on my website at

If your home needs a little more support in order to become YOUR source of support, try any one of these simple tips:

  1. Get rid of ANYTHING in your home that you don’t LOVE (artwork, clothes, knick knacks, etc.) and let go of any sense of guilt about giving away certain things.
  2. Give it a good down on your hands and knees cleaning.  This alone will do wonders.
  3. Pick some fresh flowers (there’s so many beautiful ones blooming right now!) and bring them inside.  Put them everywhere!
  4. Invite a friend over to your home.  Go so far as showing them any area that you may be embarrassed of.  You can bet that this will get you fired up to change it!
  5. Start small—choose a drawer or a closet and clean it out.  Notice how even small changes make big shifts in the way you feel about your home (and your self!)
  6. Give your home (and yourself) a gift.  If there’s a piece of art you’ve been dreaming about, a chair you’ve been ooooing and aaahhing over, or even just that orchid plant that keeps grabbing your eye, invest in yourself!

My husband and I are heading off soon on our much awaited honeymoon to Iceland where I hope to do lots of soaking and relaxing in the many hot springs (in addition to eating their famous hot dogs!).  I recently learned that there’s an Icelandic word “heima” (thanks to one of my favorite bands Sigur Ros for this) that means “at home.”  As I sign off, I wish for YOU the sense of feeling “at home”—IN your home, in your BODY, and in yourself.