Your Stuff + the G word = JOY!

Could letting go of stuff = More Joy?  Read on!

Dealing with our STUFF is no small thing.  And by STUFF I mean all the contents of our lives:  what we keep in our closets and drawers, what fills our rooms, what takes up space in our homes, and what adorns our walls.  Our stuff defines us and shows the world who we are and who we were.  It’s a tangible biography of our lives. Ideally, our stuff inspires us, makes us smile, serves a good purpose, or makes our life easier.  But what happens when we have too much of it? When it overwhelms us?  Or when some of that stuff defines us in a way we’d rather it not?  Or reveals a biography we’re not so proud of?

Hanging onto this kind of stuff can bring us down and make us feel stressed, depressed, and tired.   Why?  Somewhere inside of ourselves WE are also holding onto these parts of lives that are old, outdated, and no longer vibrant.  Even if the clutter is way up in the attic or shoved to the back of your closet, on some level, we know it’s there and it affects us.

Why am I thinking about STUFF today?  I had a spontaneous yard sale this past weekend.  Over the year since moving into our new house, my husband and I have been weeding through our belongings.  The pile of “unwanteds” had grown so much that it was time to take action!  And here’s where the G word comes in.  Even though letting go of our “unwanteds” has made me feel lighter and more spacious, as we watched oodles of our stuff go into other peoples’ hands and become part of other peoples’ lives, I have to say, that G word crept in.  Read on…

How would you like to live a life that is joyful, more free, and full of ease?
And find out what that G word is?!

To clear the clutter out of our homes and to experience feeling lighter and more free, I’m convinced that implementing organizational systems isn’t the answer.  And neither is reading up on how to reduce clutter.  Nor is buying yet another closet organizer.  While these things help, the real answer my friends, is that we have to GRIEVE (here’s the G word)!  We have to grieve the loss of the parts of ourselves that our old stuff represents.  We have to tolerate the sad and prickly feelings that are a natural part of letting go of anything.  Many people who avoid clearing clutter are not avoiding the STUFF but avoiding the FEELINGS that come up when they start looking at their stuff!  As much as I was happy to see our things go into new hands at the yard sale, there were twinges of sadness.  It’s part of it.  And it’s hard.  But I keep being reminded:  the more I can grieve and let go of what I don’t need and what doesn’t reflect who I am, the more I can be happy.  And that happiness and lightness is sooo worth the effort!

The pic above is of me dropping off the last of our stuff at my favorite local thrift store, the Worcester Habitat Restore.  !Ciao Stuff!

Not sure if your stuff is brining you down?  Any of these sound familiar?
1.  You’re still hanging onto stuff from a previous marriage
2.  Your grown kids’ stuff is taking up space even though they’re out of the house
3.  You’re holding onto clothes that felt good to wear—years ago
4.  Your house feels congested and too full
5.  There’s not enough space in your home to do or be what you want
6.  You dread going through your stuff
7.  When you think about clearing your stuff, you feel overwhelmed, sad, or anxious

Do you have a story about your stuff?  If so, I’d love to hear it!  Email me!

I wish for you the wide and wild happiness that comes from releasing what we don’t need.  And a very happy end to your summer.


P.S. What we’re doing with the $100 from our yard sale?  Going out to dinner to celebrate my newly acquired credentials!  See my Bio page for details!

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