Home Care is SELF Care!

Why, Hello!
Q: Do you want to take better care of YOURSELF?
Q: What does your home have to do with it?

There’s a ton of buzz these days about “self care.” Self care is the practice of doing things on a consistent basis that nurture you and feed your body and spirit. It’s eating nutritiously, spending time in nature, it’s exercising, meditating, it’s having fun, or spending time with friends and loved ones. It’s all the million different ways that we recharge our batteries. And it’s a good thing there’s so much buzz about self care. With as busy and fast paced as life can be, if we’re not taking good, consistent care of ourselves, it’s easy for stress, depression, fatigue, and overwhelm to set in.

So, what do our homes have to do with it? EVERYTHING!

To put it simply, the way you take care of your home is the way you take care of yourself. The care, attention, nurturance, and effort you put into care-taking your home, mirrors how you take care of your most important asset: YOU!

Home Care = Self Care

A huge part of home care is indeed keeping your home clean and orderly. There’s nothing that makes a home feel uncared for more quickly than letting it get messy and cluttered. There’s also more to home care, though. Home care is setting the table beautifully for a simple weeknight dinner, it’s burning a candle, it’s finally hanging the pictures on the wall that you’ve been meaning to hang for years, it’s getting rid of the chair that is broken, it’s patching the hole in the wall, it’s fixing the door that always sticks, it’s asking for help when you are stuck. Home care encompasses all the ways that you put loving care into your home.

And why is this so important? When we have trouble taking care of our homes, we also have trouble taking care of ourselves. If it’s a struggle to take good and consistent care of your home, it might be a good time to ask your self how well you are taking care of yourself in life. And self care is important—It’s really important. When we are taking good care of ourselves, we are happier, more relaxed, and experience deeper connection with other people.  It’s the foundation of life.  Without it, it’s hard to enjoy anything.



My admission: I don’t like to put my clothes away at night. When it’s time for bed, I don’t want to hang and fold clothes. However, I don’t like the feeling I have in the morning of seeing several days worth of clothes piled up on the chair. It zaps some of my energy and becomes one more thing I have to do. Over the past few months I’ve been experimenting with taking the two minutes (and that’s literally all it takes!) to put away my clothes at night. And man, what a difference I feel in the morning! It’s my    new little self care/home care ritual.

Taking good, consistent care of your home is another self care tool to add to your tool box. And I stress the consistent part. While doing a blitz of self-care over one weekend will indeed help you recharge and revitalize, it’s most effective to develop a consistent and steady practice of daily self care, even for just 15 or 30 minutes each day. The same is true of our homes. While it is so helpful to do a major cleaning after the house has started to resemble a war zone, the best self-care is to take care of your home on a daily basis, in whatever way feels right to you. home care = self care = self respect.

Want to strengthen your home care/self care program?

1.  Start small! Baby steps are great and so important.

2.  Choose just one thing you could do in your home on a consistent basis to take care of it (think: dealing with the mail on a daily basis, making the bed every day, cleaning the litter box every day, burning a candle each night at dinner)

3.  Acknowledge that you aren’t just “taking care of the home,” but that you are taking care of YOURSELF and respecting yourself.

4.  Tell a friend what you are doing—get support!
5.  Notice how good it feels to make the change and celebrate it!

How do you take care of yourself? How do you take care of your home? Have you had struggles or successes with home care or self care? Email me! I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you a month of taking sweet and loving care of yourself—and of course—your home!
P.S. I wrote this post from Salt Lake City, Utah–that picture is me and my husband doing some nature-based self care in the Wasatch mountains outside of Salt Lake!
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