What is your ONE for 2014?

~~i hope your new year has gotten off to a magical start~~

I’m gonna fill you in on a little somethin’.  I have been meaning for weeks, no, let’s get real–MONTHS, to create a “Wall of Women” in my dressing room. I have a very sweet and tiny room off of my bedroom where I keep my clothes and jewelry and where I get ready in the morning. There is an empty wall in there that has been BEGGING me to hang up framed photos of my main women loves–my gal pals, my sister, and other inspiring ladies.  I keepphoto_46b33d4eae40277778e2 envisioning their beautiful faces smiling at me as I start my day and I get all giddy.  I’ve got the frames, I live two minutes from the CVS where I can get the photos enlarged.  So…what gets in my way?  Why has it taken me months to make good on my vision?

I’m guessing that we ALL have something (or a lot of somethings) in our homes that we’ve been meaning to do–for weeks, months, and maybe even years.  Is it the wall that needs patching?  The paintings that need to be hung?  The basement that needs decluttering?

Sure, I bet we could all say that we are too busy and over scheduled to attend to these things, but I’m going to venture to say that it’s MORE than just this.  That there might be some emotional block in the way between the idea and the action.  What would it mean to us to do the thing we’ve been meaning to do?  What would it mean to take action rather than wonder?  What would it mean to fully express ourselves in our physical space?  What would it mean to take good care of our physical space?

It’s about saying YES to ourselves.  It’s clearing the mental clutter.  It is about fully claiming our physical space which is really about claiming our place in the world. It is about taking good care of ourselves.  It is about taking the risk to say “I matter” and “I am worthy.”   Expressing ourselves in and taking good care of our physical space directly relates to how we express and take care of ourselves in life.  How do YOU want to live your life this year?  Can you express that in your home?

Here is my sweet challenge to all of us as we begin the new year.  What if we were all to choose one–just one–of these things, and DO IT this month?  Heck, it’s a New Year and we’re in the thick of turning over new leaves and making good on commitments and promises.  Why not make a commitment to our home?  Why not commit to ourselves?

Want to play with me this month?  Pick one–just one–thing that you’ve been meaning and wanting to do with your home and DO IT this month!  It doesn’t have to be big (although it can be!)   It can be as small as organizing your silverware drawer.  I am committing to making my Wall of Women this month.  What will YOU commit to doing in your home this month?  What will be your ONE for 2014?

Will you please email me and tell me what you’re going to do?  Let’s see how we feel when we give ourselves a little kick in the pants to make our vision reality.  Let’s see how it changes the way we feel about ourselves and our space.  And if you really want to play with me, come on over to my recently revamped Services page to see the new and exciting stuff going on!   For those of you scheduling between now and February 24, I am offering a 25% discount on all services as a way to kick off the new year!

And, stay tuned!  This April I am leading the CREATING SPACE RETREAT–a month long online retreat to help you create space in your home and in your life (imagine what it would feel like to really let go of your clutter).  For information, please contact me or watch for sign up details next month!

Wishing you a bright New Year, in home and heart,

Anne McCauley, LMHC, OTR/L is a licensed Psychotherapist committed to helping people move through their blocks by learning how their homes mirror what’s happening in their lives.  She offers phone, skype, and in-person services.  Check out the Services page to find out more.

1.  House Calls —  a splendid and deep 30 minute phone call that will quickly get to the heart of the matter with regards to home and heart.  Perfect for those of you who want to test the waters and get some support around a home/life issue that feels stuck or confusing.  Designed especially for you to get to know me and this work without breaking the bank!

2.  The Moxie — Moxie:  spirit, courage, vigour, boldness, and nerve.  Does your home need more of this?  Does your life need a huge dose of spirit and spunk?  If so, this package is for you!  An in depth look into your home and heart that is sure to clear the cobwebs and kick start your life in a whole new direction!

3.  The Love Shack — Bring love back into the shack!  For struggling couples and singles looking for love.

4.  The Clutter Clear –There is an emotional connection to clutter.  Until it’s dealt with on that level, it’s not going anywhere.  Process the emotions, clear your clutter, and feel free again!

5.  Creating Space Retreat — A month long online retreat designed to help you create more space in your home and in your life (imagine how good it will feel to really let go of your clutter!)  COMING IN APRIL!  STAY TUNED