Get To Know Me

anne-39When my husband and I first moved in together, something really significant happened.  I, the girl who loves decorating and creating beautiful spaces, suddenly was unable to do either of those things to our apartment.  When before I would have splashed the walls with my favorite bold and bright colors, this time I either left them bare or hung up some “low risk” items.  When he also didn’t take the initiative to make our place warm and inviting, it stayed pretty uninspiring for a long time.  What was going on?  After many years and apartments later, and now that we’ve come full circle with this dilemma, I look back and see that I was afraid to fully put myself out there—on the walls of our shared apartment AND within our relationship.  What if he didn’t like it?  What if it was too much?  What if he didn’t like ME?  Minimizing myself in this way led to resentment and some pretty lackluster homes!  As I have worked on letting my full self come into our relationship, our homes have consistently mirrored the process!  I am proud to say that today our shared home is bright, bold, warm, and a space where we BOTH feel represented.

My interest in what homes mean to people led me to begin working as a Feng Shui Consultant.  I quickly found that deep emotional material often arose as we worked in the home.  I studied Psychology so that I could help people navigate through the issues that came to light through exploring their homes.  I came to understand that the work surrounding the relationship with our homes is deep and transformative and is best done in the context of a long-term and trusting therapeutic relationship with a trained professional.

I bring a spirit of inquisitiveness, creativity, and playfulness to my work that is supported by extensive academic and professional training.  I am a Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC).  My training includes a degree in Occupational Therapy from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, a Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Therapy Training Center of Washington, D.C. and a Certificate of Feng Shui from The Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego, CA.   For over 15 years, I have worked extensively with children, adults, and groups in various settings and currently serve as the Director of the School-Based Counseling Program at the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, a program that provides long term psychodynamic therapy to over 400 inner city children in over 20 schools throughout Boston (

When not engaged in helping people deepen their relationship to self and home, I can be found tango dancing,  traveling, making art, rock climbing, hiking the hills of New England and Colorado, and spending time with my beloved husband, friends, and family.

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