zodiac-astrologyIt’s funny how often we celebrate something by exploring its opposite. Labor Day weekend is the industrious Virgo holiday where we honor the workers and take one last break before we jump into a busy fall. As this weekend begins a confusing, spacey Sun-Neptune opposition will happily help us let go of our busy week so we can spend some time alone and rest. It will be good to do as little as possible because this opposition can bring up unknown factors that challenge our judgment, multiply mistakes, and leave us feeling impressionable and escapist. We also need reassurance that the summer magic will not disappear after Labor Day, that something ephemeral and wonderful about our connection to the natural world, and thus to our spirit, will not disappear with the summer clothing and will follow us into the busy season ahead.

We may also be unusually tired or sleepy and in need of a long nap. Morpheus calls us under to do work in the dreamtime. Don’t drink and drive (and watch out for those who do). Enjoy frolicking in the water or imaginative, meditative projects, but watch for problems around water, poison, intoxicants, confusion, and misdirection. Don’t plan ahead; do float, forgive, and renew instead.