“Both my house and life has seen an amazingly positive transformation ever since I started working with Anne. She is extremely intuitive.  Moreover, she has an uncanny ability to identify the root of an emotional issue and connect it to how it is reflected in your space.  During this process, I was able to recognize the parts of myself I was scared of sharing and how this impacted my ability to invite others into my life. After working with Anne, I have fallen in love with my house all over again.  I am socializing more, having more friends over, and hosting dinner parties. She has helped me not only transform my space, but also help me improve my inner sense of peace and connection with others. She is amazing.  I am now recommending her to all my friends and family.”

D.G. in Boston, Massachusetts

526004_10151618798424778_192900976_a“Anne sensitively yet honestly gets to the heart of the issue. She partnered with my desired goal and worked with me to support change on a deep level. Things began to shift with her simple and profound words. I could not have changed my home or myself without this masterful process facilitated by Anne. If you have the chance to welcome her into your home and heart, do so!”

Erin A. in Denver, CO

“Anne led a year-long group of Latina girls exploring their relationships to their bedrooms and what their bedrooms expressed about themselves. Anne was able to connect with the girls in an authentic and genuine way, enabling them to feel safe and willing to talk. At the end of the group, the girls knew much more about their relationship to their bedrooms, but more importantly, about their relationship to themselves and to others. I have worked with Anne for four years and know her to be deeply committed to working with children, giving them voice, and helping them access their inner knowing.”

Dana An, LICSW, School-Based Clinician at the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy in Brookline, MA,


Carol Marcy“Anne McCauley has a marvelous gift for engaging people in a vital present centered way that helps them move out of stuck places and into a fuller expression of their true selves.  She brings to the table many finely honed skills from which she draws on to meet the needs of the moment.”

Carol Marcy, Ph.D., Psychologist and Founder of the Joy Lane Healing Center in Hollywood, MD,

“Anne has an exceptional gift for intuitively understanding the connection between one’s body and his/her home, reflecting how embodiment goes beyond our individual vessels into our environments. Her work has been invaluable to my own growth as well as to the healing I offer others. She inspires me to stay aware of both my inner and outer environments and reminds me to stay connected to how their relationship informs my aliveness.”

Rachael Bonaiuto in Boulder, CO

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